Troop 58 Plans (Nov. 9- December 28)



November 9- Patrol Meetings @ Westcustago

November 14- Tumbledown Mt. opt overnight.

November 16- Competition (see November Competition)

November 21- Battleship cove

November 23- Thanksgiving Break

November 30- Advancement night



December 6-PLC Meet @ North Yarmouth Town Hall

December 7-Skill night- Stove prep & safety, dutch ovens.

December 14-Patrol meeting

December 21- Competition (See December Competition)

December 28-Christmas Break


Polar bear?



November Competition

In November, our patrol competition is based on orienteering. More specifically, we are poised to work on…

·        Maps

·        Measuring paces (How long is your stride?)

·        Declination (True and magnetic north)

·        Reading a map’s key (Okay, so this line means water…)

·        Contour lines (The slope of a hill)

·        Compass rose (The little star used to tell where North is oriented)

·        Bearings (Degrees you are from magnetic north)

Have fun!


December Competition

The December competition is a classic; cooking on propane stoves. We whip up the best camping meals we can, and hungry adults judges rate us on taste, cost, and mess. The group with the most points wins. Too bad we won’t be seeing Steve’s Steak Tips this year…