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April 2002 News

Polar Bear Campout was a blast! This year was a trip to Rangeley, an invitation to join the troop up there. Building igloos and trenches to sleep in, along with Wilderness Survival merit badge and sledding was the order of the weekend. (I have to admit, we missed the Wyatt bonfire though!)

Disaster Night was also a success! The scouts managed to find Mr. Tarbox (who had wondered off into the Town Forest alone and got himself wedged in a tree), treated his immediate wounds, carried him out on a stretcher, and of course would have called an ambulance had it been a real emergency.

SUMMER CAMP August 4-9 - Camp deadlines are fast approaching. On April 22, there will be an information night, Parents please plan to attend. HALF OF THE CAMP FEE OF $90 IS DUE MAY 1. THE OTHER HALF IS DUE BEFORE JUNE 1. Please see Ralph Hutchinson or Greg Diehl for more info. There is an opportunity for older scouts to attend Bombazeen high adventure camp.



Bike Tune up was tonight (April 8)for all those going on the Acadia Trip. Also, the planning was done. If you have not signed up for rock climbing, see Mr. Bucsko. The trip is April 19-21 over spring vacation.

NO SCOUTS APRIL 15 - No school, no Scouts

APRIL 22, 29 AND MAY 6

APRIL 22, 29 AND MAY 6 MERIT BADGE COLLEGE Choose from Citizenship in the World, Personal Fitness, Fish and Wildlife Management, Bugling, and maybe Cycling.

GULF HAGAS 5/17-18 More on that next month.

Trivia Tip of the Month: To earn camping merit badge, you must sleep under the stars for how many nights?