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Katahdin Trip a Success! A good time was had by all.

Our PLC and parent committee meeting was well attended. It was great seeing so many. Some of the boys that havenít been to a PLC (Patrol Leaders Council) were able to sit in and see how itís done. We filled in the troop adult roster with some new names, if you werenít there, better check to see if you were nominated for something! The next parent committee meeting will be November 4th. Usually the 1st Sunday of every month at 7:00pm at the Westcustago. Parents are invited. The PLC is before, at 5:30.

A word for parents Ė our older scouts are learning leadership skills, and are going to be leading younger scouts in activities from time to time. If you see a group struggling with maintaining order, please donít be afraid to go over and help. They need our guidance and encouragement sometimes.

OCTOBER 14 9:00 - 3:00 Skyline Farms- This will be combined with the Webelos to help them get acquainted with our troop. Come, get some service hours, eat FOOD (of course), and welcome the younger boys so they will want to join! More details to come on what we will be doing.

MERIT BADGE COLLEGE- our own troop have some great parents who are leading merit badges. We are going to try to accomplish them in 3 weeks. Think about which one you want to do. The 5 choices are:

First Aid (required for newer scouts)

Citizenship in the Community*


Home Repairs

Family Life*

*Required for Eagle

The dates for these badges are: October 15,22,29. Please try to come to all 3 if you want to do this.

We are hoping to offer some of the same badges again, so donít despair if you have more than one choice!

Reminder Popcorn Orders are due October 20. Please get your forms to Ralph Hutchinson by this date. OTHER UPCOMING DATES:

Court of Honor/Potluck Dinner November 5, 6:00pm, at the Westcustago, instead of regular meeting. Parents, siblings are invited. Please bring something to share.

Zealand Falls Trip - December 1-2. The permission slips are out, first come, first serve. Space may be limited so sign up early!

Please visit our web site for more detailed or updated information.