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News for July-August

Eagle Process:

Troop 58 Eagle Scout candidates, Life and Star Scouts, and their parents were given an inside look at the workings of the Pinetree Council Eagle Advancement Committee during the last Troop Committee meeting, Sunday, July 8.Three members of the Council Eagle Committee; Bruce Cort, Melissa Bell, and Dan McKay, attended to speak about the Eagle process and to answerquestions from the scouts and their parents.

Key points made by the Committee members were:

- Follow the Trail to Eagle guidebook carefully, and supplement it with the Council's own Eagle Guide (soon to be incorporated into a Troop 58 Eagle Resource Book.) Details do matter!

The Eagle project proposal should be so complete and detailed that another scout could pick it up and knowing nothing about the project, execute it accurately.

The most important thing to demonstrate in the project and the project write-up is scout Leadership, not necessarily the complexity of the project itself. Also important is to detail the Benefit the project will create, and the Organization(s) that will gain that benefit.

Also important for the Scout to Know

A 3-Ring Notebook Format works great. Follow the sequence in the Eagle Packet.

Include a list of Estimated hours by task and/or day in the Proposal

Keep a log of all time (including yours) spend on any aspect of the Eagle Project and Planning

Fundraising, although often necessary for a project, is not considered part of the project itself. Hours for Fundraising should not be included.


It isn't necessary to wait til all other Eagle requirements are met before doing your Eagle Project. Any Life Scout can do their Eagle Project, and the Council committee encourages this approach.

Finally, allow plenty of time for review by the Eagle Committee. Requests for "Rush" approval of Eagle projects cause them to be concerned about scouts' abilities to effectively lead and manage.


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