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Matt Wyatt is going for his Eagle Scout Board of Review this Thursday, Feb. 8. Good luck, Matt, and congratulations on all your hard work! You are an inspiration to all younger boys. [Ed. Note - Matt passed his Eagle BR!! Yay!! Mom couldn't be happier!. Thanks to adults who covered!]

Dues should be turned in now to Mr. Foster. For this half of the year, they are $20.00.

If you'd like to order Boys' Life magazine, the cost is $9.00 and you should contact Mrs. Foster.


The Polar Bear weekend was held in January complete with igloo building. Pat Waterman and his dad built an awesome igloo and slept the whole night in it.

Mr. Tarbox and Jon built a shelter as well but it was apparently not as well-constructed as the Watermans (or so Mr.Tarbox says). Mr. Tarbox reports that their shelter was fairly warm and he enjoyed sleeping in it after he got over his initial bout of claustrophobia!

Matt Wyatt wins an award for creative deep frying of tator tots! They were yummy!


The Klondike Derby will be held the weekend of February 10, and Troop 58 is entering one team with six boys. Good luck, guys! The theme is "Overnight Winter Trek in the White Mountains." Here's a special Derby Report from the Lavoies

The next merit badge junior college will begin within our troop on Monday, February 12. This session will include First Aid, Citizenship in the Nation, Astronomy, and Physical Fitness.

On February 17, the troop will take advantage of the free ice fishing day at Range Pond. Neither adults nor boys need a fishing license for that day. This is a good place to work on your fishing merit badge. The troop will supply most of the gear needed for ice fishing. See Katrina if you are interested in going.

Post Fishing UPDATE: The following scouts participated in Ice Fishing on 2-17-2001: Andrew Bowden & Dad, Kerry Burnell &Dick H., Ryan Diehl & Dad, Sam Hutchinson & Dad, Scott Mcmann, Donny Moody, Paul Nickerson, David Seavey & Dad, Dan Wheelden & Katrina.

Ryan Diehl took home the biggest fish - a 16 inch largemouth bass. Donny caught, cleaned and cooked up his yellow perch for a mid-day snack. Also, Don Moody completed Fishing Merit badge. A good time was had by all.

At the February 26 meeting, mock disasters will be held.
[Not to be confused with our regular meeting style!]

There are still a few slots open for the Carter Notch trip on the weekend of March 24. The cost is $18.00; see Mr. Bucsko if you are interested. Here's a Carter Notch Permisison Slip.

April 27 weekend marks the Acadia trip. There will be an opportunity to work on the rock climbing badge and of course there will be great biking on the carriage trails in Acadia National Park. Cost for the trip will be about $20 with an extra $55 if you opt to do the rock climbing portion of the trip. Acadia Permisison Slip

A whitewater rafting weekend will take place the end of June or first ofJuly. Stay tuned for more info.

Summer camp is August 5-10 at Camp Hinds. The cost is $190, but if you pay before June, you will receive a $20 discount. Deposits are $35; see Mr. Foster or Katrina.

If you are 14 or older and are a First Class scout, you may want to consider taking part in the "50-miler" canoe trip held during this same camp week. You must have earned your First Aid, Swimming, and Canoeing badges prior to this week at camp.

Boys in this select group--only 10 boys may sign up from the entire council, first come, first in--will canoe 50 miles beginning at the end of Long Lake in Harrison on Monday morning and ending back at Camp Hinds on Friday afternoon. You will learn about the history of the lakes and the locks and will camp out along the way. It should be an awesome trip, but hurry to sign up if you are interested

Mr. Tarbox has suggested that the troop build their own boat--a canoe that would seat about 10 scouts at once. This type of boat is excellent for flat water canoeing. The project may take place in April and we would be able to take our very own canoe to camp with us. Wow!






 Newsletter written by Julie Waterman

- "Thanks to Sarah Filiter for taking notes and sending them to me"