You might be a Boy Scout if:

1) You go camping just to get away from home
2)All your food, cloths, and tents smell like smoke
3) You carry everything to camp and still leave something at home
4) If getting to camp *IS* the big adventure (been there)
5) If your backpack weighs more than you do
6) If your new freckles looks likes ticks
7) Your camping trip is too wet, too dry, too hot, or too cold
8) Your cooking fire resembles a bon fire
9) The first thing you did with your first scout knife was cut yourself
10) Your scout socks are considered toxic waste after the campout
11) The best meal you had on the campout is the McDonalds hamburger on the trip home.
12) You need those stinking badges.
13) Your favorite bank is next to a river.
14) Your favorite pool has fish in it.
15) You attend your school dance wearing khaki and a neckerchief.
16) You know 101 uses for a shoelace.
17) You drink bug juice.
18) All your camping gear actually fits in your backpack.
19) You have the urge to help little old ladies...whether they want it or not.
20) You won't let your lab partner in Biogoly lab use the scalpel to disect your frog because he/she does not have a "Totin' Chip." have holes in the pockets of your jeans from carrying a pocket knife.
... you begin to think half frozen french fries, don't taste all that bad. keep a bucket of water by your side while cooking dinner. spontaneously break into strange songs in public. can stare at a spider web for an hour, and not notice the time passing. carry your own toilet paper wherever you go. always read by a flashlight.
...your radio is always tuned to the weather station. horde tent stakes. wear 2 pairs of socks to bed. keep a lantern hanging outside your bathroom door. sleep under a trash bag. cannot walk by a piece of trash without picking it up. carry a dufflebag size first aide kit in your car. always have hat hair. continue to wear it until it stands on it's own.'re always counting how many matches you have left. tie up your little brother, and he can't get loose. know all the words to Little Bunny Foo-Foo, but can't remember your homework. see paint samples in a store and immediately want to name things in nature with the same colors.
...your pots and pans are all black. roast mini marshmallows on a paper clip over a candle, put it on a golden graham with one square of chocolate, just to get the flavor. always cook enough food for twelve.
...all your clothes smell like pickles (from the bucket).
...pie iron pizzas is the best meal you've had all week. always have a cup hooked to your belt.
...all your dishes have little pieces of egg stuck on them. own little bits of every color felt. open letters with a pocket knife. have something on your shoe...and you're sure it's only mud. eat ants on a log and like it. wear bread bags on your feet. know 365 one pot meals.
...when opening large gifts you survey the box wondering if you have a piece of foil large enough to cover it. buy your shampoo in little tiny bottles. order pizzas 14 at a time.
...everything in your cupboard says "Instant, just add water".
...your neighbors hide when they see you going door to door with "that order form" again. have to go to the restroom and you start looking for a buddy. really do use those emergency sewing kits. go to someone's house for dinner, don't like the food, and ask if they have peanut butter and jelly.
... you tie your shoe and check the handbook to see if it can go toward earning a badge. see a pile of rocks and immediately put them in a circle. know 100 uses for a bandana.
...all your shirts have pin holes in them. wear thongs in the shower. actually own the book, "How to Sh*t in the Woods". have a collection of used candles and dryer lint.
...someone asks for a volunteer and you find your hand is already in the air.
...your favorite cologne is Deep Woods Off.