May 23, 2005

 Troop Meetings:

Monday Nights, 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at Wescustogo Hall, Rt. 115, North Yarmouth


(No School -> No Scouts)


Wear Class A Uniform (Official BSA Scout Shirt and neckerchief at minimum), bring Scout Book and Pen/Pencil to each meeting.


$1.00 per week, paid in September($25 = dues + Registration)
and January ($20 = dues)

Patrol Leaders Council

First Sunday of each month, 5:30pm. Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders, Patrol Leaders, Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Troop Guides and Den Chief.

Troop Committee Meetings:

First Sunday of each month, 7pm. All registered adults, interested parents and friends are welcome.

Chartering Organization:

Cumberland / North Yarmouth Lions Club

Troop Website:


Welcome at all meetings and Troop activities.


At least one parent for each Scout is expected to participate in a volunteer position for the Troop. Please contact the Troop Committee Chairman or the Scoutmaster for details.

Troop 58 Policies & Guidelines:

Scouting Outings are for Scouts. For a number of reasons, including BSA Guidelines, insurance coverage exceptions, attendance limitations, and to be fair to all involved in Troop 58, we continue to enforce the policy of allowing only Boy Scouts and adults directly assisting with the trip to attend camping and hiking outings. Exceptions to this require approval of the Troop Committee.

Parents and Guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend the weekly Troop meetings.

Parents, siblings, and other family and friends are always welcome at our Court of Honor ceremonies, held three times a year, during which your Scout's advancement and achievements are recognized. A pot-luck style meal is usually included in the Court of Honor. At mealtime adults and guests are invited to line up first followed by the scouts in descending order of rank.

Medical History / Release Form Required Once a Year: Each Scout is required to submit a Scout Class 1 Medical form (form No. 34414) at the beginning of each school year. This is the personal health and medical history form, and it is available at the Pine Tree Council office, or on our website. Each adult that wishes to participate in outings is required to submit annually either a Scout Class 1 Medical Form (form No. 34414), if they are under 40, or an Adult Class 3 Medical Form (form No. 34412), if they are 40 or over.

No Slip, No Trip: A completed Troop 58 Permission Slip is required for each outing: If one is not provided, the scout cannot participate in the event.

Funding of Trips: In general, the cost of a trip is shared equally by the scouts involved. We like to have a target cost of only $5-10 per scout. Much of this cost depends on what discounts or donations we obtain. If you are aware of any means by which we can offer a scouting outing partially or completely subsidized by donations or discounts, please let us know.

Furthermore ...If you sign up for a trip, and then find that you cannot go, remember that plans have been made to accommodate you, and payments have been made for reservations and supplies. We honor your word. Please honor your commitment by paying for your share of these expenses whether you go or not.

Adult Payments for Trips: When possible, we encourage the funding arrangements for outings to cover the cost to adults who assist with the event. This payment exception should be limited to the number of adults required to manage the trip, and is intended to apply to adults who drive scouts and/or gear other than their own. For trips with a significant per-person expense beyond food, the adults are expected to pay that expense.

One last thing..: All of us who volunteer really enjoy the time we spend with our scouts. However, when the event or meeting is over, we also enjoy heading home to our families. If you are providing transportation for your son after a meeting or picking him up after a trip, please be prompt - or even early - at the designated place. If you could wait 10 minutes for us instead of the other way around, it would really be appreciated.

Thank You! - Questions or Comments are welcome at our Parents/Troop Committee meetings held the first Sunday of the Month.
Welcome to our Troop. We hope you and your scout enjoy the Troop 58 Experience!