How Do I Earn Merit Badges?

Instructions (for boys) for Earning Merit Badges (updated April 2005)

Wondering what is involved in earning a particular badge? A great resource is the Boy Scout Requirements booklet available at the scout office in Portland for $3.50 It lists all badges and their current requirements so that you may read up on a badge and see if it is of interest to you. If you are online, you may go to US Scouting Service Project and click on any badge listing on the left-hand window.

Once you decide on a badge, you will want to get a copy of the booklet for just that badge so that you can do the readings and again mark off the requirements as you fulfill them. These individual merit badge books are also at the council office for $3.10; the troop has extra copies of some of these booklets which you may borrow or ask around and see if another scout buddy has one he will lend you.

To earn a merit badge, a Scout must:

  1. Obtain a Blue card from our Advancement Chairperson (Mrs. Baughan). Fill in the necessary information on the card and obtain a signature from the Scoutmaster (Mr. Thomas).
  2. Contact an approved merit badge counselor (see this MB Counselor List) and ask him/her if he/she would be willing to supervise your progress as you meet the requirements of the badge. The counselor who works with you will keep the blue card until all work has been completed for the badge.
  3. When all requirements are met, meet with the counselor to finalize the completion of the work and obtain the counselor's signature on the blue card.
  4. Turn the blue card back in to the Advancement Chairperson (Mrs. Baughan) and you will receive your hard-earned badge at the next Court of Honor!
  5. Feel proud! :-)

Remember that you can earn badges at summer camp, by working with an individual counselor in Troop 58, by attending our own Merit Badge Jr. College (held during our meeting times), or by attending Merit Badge Colleges offered within Casco Bay District.

If you have any questions at all, contact Pat Zrioka, Merit Badge Coordinator, at 829-4026, or send a note to