Advancement Guidelines

All boys with the rank of Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class:
To avoid some confusion on who can sign off on the requirements in your Scouting Handbook, please read the following guidelines:
1.Only trained BSA Leaders may sign off as complete any requirements for any rank.

Parents, friends and fellow scouts may not sign off on requirements. They may be asked (in advance) by a BSA leader to help out by observing a scout perform a requirement. Many fellow scouts are used in this way by mentoring fellow scouts as they work through their early requirements. Those assisting should put their initials beside the requirements they observed. Then the scout's handbook needs to be signed off by one of the leaders listed below.
The current trained BSA Leaders in our Troop are:
Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Cyr, Mr. Hutchinson, Mr. Bowden, Mr. Tarbox, Mrs. Baughan
2. The Advancement Chairperson keeps an offical record of a scouts' accomplishments. That person is currently Mrs. Baughan and can usually be found sitting at the back table during meetings.

It is the scout's responsibilty to present his book to the Advancement Chairperson so the accomplishments may be officially recorded. All the scouts should be reporting their accomplishments weekly.

Updated: 8/20/05