Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2002 7:04 PM
Subject: Rangeley Winter Fun Trip


This Rangeley Trip sounds like a lot of fun! If you've been on the Polar Bear campout before, you know how fun it is!

There is LOTS of snow up in Rangeley, and it is an awesome place surrounded by mountains.

Mr. Gordon, the scoutmaster in Rangeley is using his Dad's camp on Quimby pond, for the camp site. The camp is heated for anyone who gets too cold.

We will go up Saturday morning, and start building our snow forts and shelters.(Bring a couple of bucks so we can stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way).

I think we need to let the snow sit, so maybe we can go over to the HUGE HILL on the golf course sledding.

Then, finish our forts in the afternoon, and have a campfire!

Sunday morning, breakfast, and either come home or go skiing at Saddleback. If we get 20 people to go skiing, it is 17$ for youth, and 20$ for adults, which is less than half price. Rentals are extra.Yes, they have snowboards.

Let us know Monday night what you want to do Sunday morning.


Some things to bring:


plastic sled (we can share these)

0 sleeping bag (if you don't have one, let us know, there are some out there to borrow)

Tarp for a ceiling(in case the snow doesn't stick!)

Hats, winter coats, snowpants, gloves or mittens, winter boots; remember there is snow up there and we are OUTSIDE!!

Warm clothes (bring a change of clothes or long underwear and socks to sleep in, you need to change COMPLETELY before you go to bed, to stay warm!! NO COTTON CLOTHING! Wool, polypropylene or polyester is much better).


Any Questions?

Email Ralph Hutinson at or

Tom Waterman at


We need to know by Monday whether you are going, and parents, we may need another driver, depending on how many boys go. And if your not as hardy as your boy? We can probably accommodate you in a warm camp.

Anybody need the First Class badge cooking requirement? This is your chance. I need to know by Monday night.

Permission slips should be coming by email soon, or if not, I will have them Monday night. SCOUT MEETING IS AT JOKER'S MONDAY NIGHT. Get in touch with one of us if you won't be at Joker's but are planning on going to Rangeley.