BSA Troop 58 Permission Slip

WHAT: Polar Bear Campout

WHERE: Rangeley, Maine

WHEN: Saturday March 16 - Sunday March 17

PAYMENT: approx. $5.00 plus bring $2.00 for donuts on the way up.

Meet at the Westcustago Hall 7:30 a.m. Saturday Morning and arrive back at the Westcustago at approximately 12:30 Sunday afternoon.

BRING: Shovel, sled, plate, utensils, cup, 0 sleeping bag, winter coat, hat, mittens and/or gloves, snowpants, winter boots, tarp, extra change of clothes for sleeping in, including wool socks and hat(in a plastic bag). Wool, polypropylene, or polyester is much better than cotton! Extra wool socks for the next day is helpful too.

Scout Name(s):________________________________________________________

has permission to participate in all aspects of the above Boy Scout activity with the leaders of BSA Troop 58. I understand the risks and dangers involved, and will not hold the leaders of Troop 58 liable for any accident or injury which may occur during this activity. In the event of illness or accident in the course of this activity, I request that measures be instituted without delay as the judgment of Troop leaders or medical personnel dictates.

Emergency phone: _____________________________

Signed:______________________________________ Date: _________________

(parent or guardian)

Adult Name:___________________________

______ Yes, I will go, drive, and help. Seat belts__________________

______ No, Im not going but I can drive Seat belts __________________

Additional info: