BSA TROOP 58 Trip Notice

What: Pleasant Mountain Foliage Hike
This is a Sunday fall hike to see the beautiful Maine woods at their peak of fall colors. We will be hiking the Ledges Trail and the Bald Peak Trail to make a 5 mile circuit.

When: Sunday, October 3rd

We will leave Wescustogo Hall at 8:30am, please arrive by 8:15. We will be returning about 2:00pm. Please pack a lunch to eat at the top of mountain. If the weather is not clear and sunny we will NOT be going.

Equipment: Day pack with minimum supplies for emergencies, water for the hike and a sack lunch. Please have a lightweight jacket in case it's windy at the top.

Payment: None

Keep this portion on your Refrigerator


Return this portion to Joyce Baughan, "No Slip, No Trip."

BSA TROOP 58 Permission Slip

For: Pleasant Mountain Foliage Hike
When: Sunday, October 3rd leave Wescustogo at 8:30am

Scout Name(s): __________________________________________________

has permission to participate in all aspects of the above Boy Scout activity with the leaders of BSA Troop 58.
I understand the risks and dangers involved, and will not hold the leaders of Troop 58 liable for any accident or injury which may occur during this activity. In the event of illness or accident in the course of this activity, I request that measures be instituted without delay as the judgment of Troop leaders or medical personnel dictates.

Emergency phone: ______________________________

Signed: _______________________________________ Date: _______________________
(parent or guardian)

Adult Name: ______________________________________________________________

_____ Yes, I will go, drive, and help. _____ No, I'm not staying, but I can drive

Year/Make/Model: ____________________ No. Seatbelts:_____ Me. Lic #: _____________

Insurance Limits: ______/______/______(50k ea.person/100k ea.accident/50k property damage min.)