Troop Mobilization - March 25


1. Phone Tree (4:00 pm on March 25):

a.Tell scouts When (6:00), where (Town Hall/Town Forest), why (Somebody is lost). Every patrol needs an Emergency Pack.

b. Jon calls Scott (SPLs).

c. Scott calls Nate and Chris (ASPLs).

d. Nate and Chris call Patrol Leaders.

e. Patrol Leaders call their patrols.

2. Everybody arrives at 6:00 and Nate and Jon split them into patrols.

a. One adult per patrol

b. Emergency pack for each patrol with compass, first aid stuff, whistle, rope, and 2-way radio.

c. Designate an area for each group. Start and end at a landmark.

3. Briefing at meeting:

a. Who: Troop 58, headed by Jon and Nate

b. What: Mobilization for a disaster

c. When: March 25 at 6:00 pm

d. Where: Town Hall and Town Forest

e. Why: Emergency preparedness, first aid, and practical use.

f. What to bring:


Proper Clothing

Emergency pack: compass, first aid, radio, whistle,rope.