Troop 58 Summer Camp Info 2002



Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 8:46 PM

Subject: Camp Hinds

It's time again to sign up for Camp Hinds. As most of you know, we are scheduled at the Baily Campsite from August 4th through the 9th. This is a fun time and a great place to earn merit badges and work toward advancement.

Nine Scouts have already signed up, but we hope to have a much greater turnout. You need to get in touch with me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you would like to go and haven't yet signed up, or if you have any questions regarding camp.

We will be meeting on Monday to review and choose the merit badges that are being offered at camp. There are also alot of new activities for older Scouts such as snorkelling, rappelling, mountain biking, shotgun and black powder shooting, and more. You can also visit our website for a complete list of available merit badges.

Hope to hear from you.

Ralph Hutchinson



Much information is available on the Pine Tree Council Website:

Introduction to Summer Camp at Hinds

Directions to Camp Hinds

Camp Hinds Legends

And some more on the Troop 58 Website:

Map of Camp Hinds

Dirctions to Camp Hinds


Important Information about Summer Camp Physicals and Medical Forms

A Class One Physical form will be needed for each scout going to Summer Camp.

Unlike past years, these now need to be filled out EVERY YEAR for all scouts, including immunization info.

Also, each Camper needs to be registered for Camp.

Annual Medical Forms Download the Scout Medical Form (Page 1 is Class 1, Page 2 is Class 2), fill it out, bring it to the next meeting. (Here's another format of the form) An Adult Form is needed for any Adult intending to stay overnight at Summer Camp.


Activities for Camp



 Boy Scout Summer Camp You should make plans NOW!

Watch for the "Scouting Family Newsletter" in the mail from Pine Tree Council during the month of November or December. It contains some useful information which you should review and save.

Boy Scout Troop 58 spends one week at Summer Camp each summer. This year they will again be going to Camp Hinds in Raymond from Sunday August 4 through Friday August 9, 2002. This experience has proven to be the best way for boys to advance through the early ranks in scouting.

It may seem early, but second-year Webelos Cub Scouts who will be crossing over into Boy Scouts should be considering the early payment plan for Summer Camp. To encourage early registration, there is a $20 discount for early payment by June 1. A $35 deposit is needed during February.

We feel that every boy should have an opportunity to attend Summer Camp. If there is any reason that payment for scout camp is a hardship, please speak with our treasurer or scoutmaster about our Camp Scholarships that are available specifically for this purpose.

Usually, about 25-30 scouts from Troop 58 attend Summer Camp, about 10 of which are brand new scouts (fifth-graders) who crosssed over in the past year, so rest assured that you will be in familiar company for this great experience!