This year we will be holding our Court of Honor and end of year cookout at Sebago Lake state park. The site picked for this year is Cub Cove. After you enter the park gate you will need to take the first left after the Ranger cabin. There are signs to Cub Cove site after that. Please do NOT pay for over night camping at the gate. This will be paid for through your permission slip per boy. Drop off time will be between 6:30 and 8PM at the site Friday night for the over night campers. ONLY the boys will be camping over night. The boys will need to be picked up before 11 AM on Sunday as someone else is coming into that site.

Service Project

We will be cleaning up the Cub Cove site this year for our service project. The rangers son will be married at Cub Cove the following weekend. Lets make it sparkle.

Pig Roast

5PM is the set time for our Pig roast, Saturday evening. The day fee at the gate is $2.50 for adults and .50 cents for kids 5-11 years old Everyone is invited! Mr.Buskco will "pass the hat" to help out with the cost of the pig ($5 per person or $10/family suggested). The roast will be followed by our Court of Honor. We will sign out a key in case we are later that 8PM.Remember the gate closes at 8PM and reopens at 9AM.



I give my permission for my Son__________________ to camp with Troop 58 at Sebago Lake state park on June 11th-13th.

I the undersigned, understand I will not hold Troop 58 nor itís leaders responsible for any accident or injury.

Cost is $10.00, and includes pig roast for the scout.

Date:_______ Parent signature_________________________ Phone________

Any questions please contact:

Katrina Carstensen

10 Bond St.

Raymond, Me. 04071


No permission slip needed to attend the pig roast.