Cumberland North Yarmouth

Permission Slip

When: Saturday, February 5, 2005
Where: Camp Hinds Raymond, Maine.

DERBY STATIONS INCLUDE: Hill Climb will include first aid, Compass Course, Fire Starting you will have to make popcorn! Alaskan Pipeline, Rope Bridge will challenge your knot skills, Sled Race, Friction Bridge, Wood Tools, (yes, a sharp objects station), Equipment Check, Lunch and Grand Finale a Flag Contest. Flag contest will be on the theme of The Alaskan Iditarod.

Arrive at Camp Hinds NO LATER than 8:00AM Saturday AM. Pick up time is to be determined. (Each scout is expected to arrange for rides both to and from this event.)

Planning meeting for the trip will be held at the January 31, 2005 meeting.

Fee: $6.00 per scout.


Return this portion with payment No Slip, No Trip
Camp Hinds Raymond, Maine
Saturday, February 5, 2005

____________________________ (scout) has my permission to participate in all aspects of the above listed outing, as well as other related items that may arise on the agenda, with Troop 58 BSA. I realize there may be activities that can result in injuries. I give my permission to the representatives of Troop 58 to render any and all medical assistance they deem necessary. (This serves as permission to render medical treatment.)

Name of Scout: ___________________________________

Signed: _____________________________ Emergency Phone: __________________

Adult Participation: I will attend ______________________

I will attend but will not drive _______ Not applicable _____________________________