2003 Klondike Derby
Troop 58 Sends Two Teams


Flying Blue Ducks
Place 2nd

By Kelly Baughan

Troop 58's two sled teams, the Red Hotdogs and the Flying Blue Ducks competed in the 2003 Klondike Derby held Saturday, February 8th, at Camp Hinds. The Flying Blue Ducks placed 2nd overall, the best showing ever for Troop 58.

Red Hotdogs team consisted of Star Scout Scott McMann, First Class Scout Scott Fournier, Second Class Scout Andrew Bowden, Second Class Scout Will Hebert, Tenderfoot Scout Sam Kern and new Scout David Nickerson.

Flying Blue Ducks team, the 2nd place finishers, had as teammates, Life Scout Sam Hutchinson, Second Class Scout Graham Collins, Second Class Scout Tony Cleveland, Second Class Scout Devin Page, new Scouts Patrick Bowden, Ian Gray and Scott Higgins.

The Klondike Derby this year involved 10 events. All the teams started at different stations. When finished at one station they would pull the sled, loaded with their gear to the next station.

Station #1: Pancake Cook and Flip:
One member of each team had to cook a pancake and flip it. Another member had to eat it and clean up the pan. The teams were judged on pancake color, pancake roundness, location in the pan after flipping and scout spirit.

Station #2: Wood Splitting and Fuzz Stick Carving:
Teams competed against each other in a relay-type race. Each team had a block of wood and each team member had to run up, split a piece off of the block of wood, lay down the hatchet and race back to the tape. After each splitting relay, a Fuzz Stick carving relay began. Each scout had to go up and peel back a sliver of wood off the stick but not slice it off. Teams were judged by speed and quality of their Fuzz Stick.

Senior Patrol Leader Paul Nickerson, First Class Scout Alex Lavoie and Dr. Lavoie manned the Wood Splitting station for the Klondike Derby.

Station #3: Fire Starting:
Each team had to start a fire using flint and steel and kindling wood which was carried on the sled. Of course, Troop 58 teams also knew to bring newspaper and dryer lint to start their fires easily. After the fire was going, each team used their frying pan and foil to pop popcorn over the fire.

Station #4: Obstacle Course:
Each team had to go through the obstacle course while being timed. Obstacles included crawling through a tire, crawling under a low sign, stepping through tires and carrying your self across a rope. The Red Hotdogs set a new course record in this event.

Station #5: Snowball Throw:
Each team member threw tennis balls, that's right - tennis balls, not snowballs, through tires set up 25' 30' away. The snow wouldn't pack to make snowballs. They used 18 balls per team and each ball through counted toward the score.

Station #6: Alaskan Pipeline:
Take four 10' lengths of pipe and roll a gold ball down them. Sounds simple? Holding all four pipes in the air with the joints together requires teamwork and direction, which our teams displayed. Both teams did great!

Station #7: Blind Volleyball:
Each team competed with another playing volleyball. The catch is that you can't see the other team. Instead of a net, there is a screen. You can't see the ball until it comes over the screen. Very difficult! The first team to 3 wins.

Station #8: Fishing for Snapper:
As part of their equipment, each team was required to supply two staves. At this event, a fishing pole had to be fashioned by lashing the staves together and fitting a string and lug nut onto the end. Each team member had to use the 'fishing pole', with the lug nut as bait, to fish for a mouse trap. Thus, Fishing for Snapper! Teams were judged on how many mouse traps they caught, rope tying and, as always, team spirit.

Stations #9 & 10: Setting up Camp, Cooking, Equipment Check and Snowman Building:
Each team had to set up their camp in the snow, cook lunch for themselves and break camp. Sleds and scouts were checked for required equipment.

Each team made a snowman. This was not an easy feat as the snow wouldn't pack. Scout ingenuity came through and ice was carved out of the snow pack and stacked to build their snowmen. A hatchet was used to form the ice circles, pinecones were used as eyes and pine needles for hair. Good job guys!

Both teams worked hard and brought pride to Troop 58. Congratulations to you all!