Saturday, February 17, 2001

The Red Hotdogs of Troop 58

Get 4th Place in

2001 Klondike Derby

by Frank Lavoie

The Red Hotdogs Derby Team placed overall in 4th place at the 2001 Klondike Derby, held at Camp Hinds on February 10th. The team, led by Star scout Cary Burnell, also included First Class scout Andre Lavoie, Second Class scout Sam Hutchins, Tenderfoot scout Graham Collins, and new scout Alex Lavoie.

The Klondike Derby this year involved 10 events. The Red Hotdogs started with Station#8, the "Up and Over". This was the most difficult station and involved getting the entire team and all its gear, including the sled, over a rope strung between 2 trees at 4 feet off the ground without touching the rope.

 Next was Station#1, an "Equipment Check". Among other things, the team was asked to produce 4 sleeping bags, 4 sleeping pads, a tent or tents for 4, 4 compasses, a weather radio, money, scout book, pen and paper, a 50 foot rope, 4 pairs extra underwear, 4 warm hats, matches, first aid kit, large pot for cooking, toilet paper, extra boot laces, camping stove, sunscreen, and to show that they were all wearing woolen socks.

 This was followed by Station#2, "Compass Course". Here their orienteering training came in useful as they followed directions and saw how close to the goal they could come.

 At Station#3, "Fire Building", the team had to boil water. The event wasn't timed, but extra points were awarded for using flint and steel instead of matches, for using your own wood instead of that supplied by Hinds, and for teamwork and cooperation. Of course the Red Hotdogs got the flint and steel out and scored highly.

 At Station#4, "River Crossing", the participants were given 20 minutes to cross a fictitious river that was bridged by a heavy rope between trees approximately 8 feet over the riverbed. Materials were provided for a boson's chair, but the team had to produce a 50 foot rope, and at least 2 smaller sections of rope. The first scout had to climb across with a rope and set up the Boson's chair and other contraptions to get the other scouts and the sled across. They were rated on leadership, scout spirit, safety, and teamwork. Although unable to complete the station (most teams weren't able), the Red Hotdogs did well in the other categories.

 Station#5 simulated hunting with stones by scoring snowball throwing at different targets and into a distant bucket.

 Station#6 was an "Ice rescue", where a team member who had fallen through the ice had to catch a line, tie a Boline around himself, and get towed into safety.

 At Station#7, "First Aid" was administered to a hypothermic victim of trauma with a head gash and broken arm.

 And Stations#9 and #10 involved "Setting up Camp" and "Cooking". The team had to set up a tent in a snowy field, then cook lunch for themselves, and break camp. They were questioned extensively on 3 versus 4 season camping, staking, and windbreaks.

All in all a fun and educational time was had by all participants. And, of course, the "support team" on the sidelines enjoyed the finest chili and hot cocoa courtesy of Mrs. Carstensen!



Here's the Rules & Info from Casco Bay District for "Klondike 2001"

 Thank you for deciding to participate in KLONDIKE 2001. We're sure you'll enjoy this year's events and we wish you the best of luck in the competition.  Please keep in mind that good sportsmanship and having fun are the most important parts of this activity.

The Patrol Leader will report to the "Check-In" station at  8:00 a.m. (we suggest an adult accompany the boy leader to help with check-in issues.)  briefed before heading for .  (If the number of sled members has increased since the sled was registered, a fee of $5.00 per boy is due at this time.)  Patrol Rosters will be handled out at this time to be filled out.  Check in will be outside at Cadigan this year.

Health forms for all Scouts participating in Klondike MUST be presented by the Patrol Leader/Denner at check-in. (We suggest copies not originals ). We will hold these until the end of Klondike, and will be returned the end of the day. If you do not have a medical form signed by a parent or guardian, you will NOT be allowed to participate.

Scouts must be properly clothed for cold weather; they will be inspected.  Proper clothing should include a warm hat, gloves or mittens, and appropriate Footwear.  You will NOT be permitted to start the course without these!!


Sleds must display their patrol name, troop number, and city  of sponsoring organization.  The standard sled plan (available on request) may be followed or you may substitute your own design.

This year we are on a time schedule.  Each station will be rotated.  Please do your best on getting to a station on time.  We will be ending Klondike by 2:30 this year.  Patrols must stay together throughout the day under the leadership of the Patrol Leader or Denner.

Everyone is encouraged to drink plenty of water along the trail.  

(Please remember to use your trash bag.)

"Cheating"  IF a crew is caught cheating by a judge, the judge will deduct those points earned by cheating.  The judge will also make a note of the infraction and pass it along to your Scoutmaster who may decide to take further action.

At each station, the Judge's decision is FINAL.

Any member of a sled team who needs to drop from the competition must do so at a station.  DO NOT just leave your patrol/den between stations.  Your safety is our biggest concern.  Tell someone at the station, you'll be escorted to the health officer.

You are NOT allowed to receive any outside help from supporters or spectators! 


Casco Bay District

Klondike 2001

This year's Klondike Derby will be a little different.  We are going to be using a theme, with an outline.

Theme:  Winter Treking



A patrol of Four scouts are going on an overnight winter trek in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  This trek will take them down a trail that will cross a frozen river, over a spring fed stream to a campsite high on an open hill.   

The weather for the weekend is predicated to be:

Saturday - Cloudy with temperatures in the twenties and five to ten mile-per-hour winds, or current conditions if worse.

 Saturday night - Overcast with temperatures to zero and little to no wind.

 Sunday - Sunny with temperatures in the thirties and wind gusting to twenty miles-per-hour.


The patrol will be leaving on the hike at 10 am on Saturday and arriving home before noon on Sunday. The patrol will need to bring all of the things with them to make this trek, you will be scored on this.


Sled Notes


Your Field book, chapter 20 on winter camping and Woods Wisdom winter camping chapter  (Volume III page 125), will be of help.


Station 9 and 10 will be done during the lunch hour. Lunch is station 9.  A hot food and hot drink must be prepared on a potable stove.  Station 10 is a winter campsite  which must be set up. 


Your patrol needs to take the information from this story to equip your sled. Base this on FOUR SCOUTS ONLY regardless on number on your sled.  You  will be scored on this.