Troop 58 on the Dead River,

June 30, 2001

Magic Falls Rafting Company


Getting the Prep Talk at Base Camp - Troop 58 Version:

No Horsing around, and Listen to your Guide!!


9:30 Roll Call - Grouping up by "Raft"



"Troop 58 Whitewater Rafting - June 30, 2001



40 Minutes on a Dirt-Road Bus Ride to the Dead River:



At the Unloading Station at the Put-In: Getting the Safety Lecture one more time from Sky - DON'T try this on your own School Bus!!



"How to Paddle a Raft"  - Final preparations at the Put-In


OK - We're On the River!!





 Photos from the Half-Way point - Here come the Rafts:


 Raft 1


Raft 2


 Raft 3


 Raft 4


 Raft 5


 Raft 6


 Raft 7


 Raft 8



Back at Base Camp - A Typical Tent View:



Relaxing, Story-Telling, Hanging out at the Fire Pit