Hi Everyone,
If you're interested in attending the 5/10 mile hike, please contact Mrs. Wren at 829-4371 or by email at
wwren1@maine.rr.com  so she can get a head count.
Attached is a copy of the permission slip needed to participate or click here <
http://www.troop58bsa.org/pslips/ps_Fryeburg_hike.htm>  to get a copy from our website.
For scouts working on the Hiking badge, please click here  <
http://www.troop58bsa.org/pslips/ps_Fryeburg_hike.htm> for a copy of the hiking form you need to complete before starting the hike.

Here's the schedule:

7:00 AM            Meet at Westcustago Hall; determine who is riding with whom
                        (BRING PERMISSION SLIPS!)
7:15 AM             Sharp! Depart from Westcustago Hall
8:45 AM             Arrive in Fryeburg area, Conant Trail             
                        (in the DeLorme Gazetteer, it's map sheet 10, section D-1, the Pine Hill, Lord Hill, Harndon Hill area)
9:00 - 1:00    Hike the Conant Trail
1:00 - 1:30    Eat lunch; those who are only completing the 5 mile hike may head home
1:30 - 4:30   Those continuing on, head to Little Deer Big Deer Trail on same road
After the hike, we'll head back home, having dinner at a McDonald's en route.
I expect we'll be home around 6:00 PM. (1-1/2 hour travel, plus dinner time)

Suggested Packing List for Boy Scout hike on October 19th, 2003

Water -- Everyone must have at least one water bottle to carry with him on the trail. We will bring more water for refilling at lunchtime.

Hiking food -- Everyone is to provide whatever snack food he would like on the trail. In addition, everyone must bring his own lunch.

Spare socks -- in case your socks get wet or your feet get sweaty.

First Aid items -- as needed. May include band-aids, moleskin for blisters, and any items you may need (such as bee sting kits for those who are allergic, etc.). Mrs. Wren will also have a basic first aid kit in her pack.

Compass -- If you have one, bring it. Those working on Second Class rank will need a compass to fulfill a rank requirement.

Camera (optional) -- to take pictures of the views we may see.

And, of course, something to carry your gear in -- a back pack, a fanny pack (if it all fits!) -- whatever works for you.

Why go on the Boy Scout hike in the White Mountains on Sunday October 19th?

-- Foliage, foliage, foliage (My fingers are crossed that the timing will be right.) And, even if we miss peak foliage, the views and the scenery will be beautiful.

-- Those who have not yet achieved Second Class rank can fulfill the 5 mile hike requirement with the first section of this hike.

-- Those working on their hiking merit badges can fulfill a 10 mile hike requirement by completing both sections.

-- It's a chance to explore a little corner of our state that you may not have seen before.

Thanks, and looking forward to hiking with you!
-Wendy Wren