Acadia Trip Notes:

Over the course of this week (Friday NOON at the latest) bring your bicycle to the Wyatt's (next to Wilson School parking lot) - unless you're sure you have made other arrangements to get it to Acadia. We'll load it into a trailer for transport to Acadia.

Also, over the course of this week, contact the person you think you're tenting with, and who you think you're travelling with to confirm plans.

Friday Gear Collection & Distribution, Standard drill:
If you don't have room for it, bring your stuff to the Wyatt's, & put it on the tarp in the garage.
If you have extra room, stop by and load up with what's on the tarp.



Depart from Cumberland approx 5pm.
Supper on the way(bring it or buy it)
Arrive at BlackWoods Campground (off Rt 3 at the southern end of the island), approx 8-9 pm

Troop Breakfast
Biking the Carriage trails
Sandwich Lunch at Jordan Pond House
More Biking,
Misc activites
Troop Gala Chinese Dinner (Bucsko/Wyatt)

Troop Breakfast
Rock Climbing (optional $$)
Misc activites
Head home approx noon,
Lunch stop along the way home


Driving Directions:

Take route 3 east of Augusta, or Route 1A south from Bangor.
Blackwoods Campground is located on Mount Desert Island, just off of route 3 five miles south of Bar Harbor.
Plan on a 3-hr trip.

Here are some links to view, print, & bring along:

Maps of Park, showing B-W campground on Rte. 3

Carriage roads, Campground location



Bike & Riding equipment,including helmet.
Bring $10/scout for food purchased for the trip, plus $$ for meals and anything else you may buy along the way, gas money.
Tent ( we can get some if you don't have one, let us know)
Sleeping Bag
Pad for Sleeping bag (thermarest, waffle-foam, or extra folded blankets)
Personal care items (toothpaste, brush, soap, etc.)
Cup, Plate, utensils
Change of clothes
Long sleeve shirt or jacket for chilly nights
Hat, Mittens for cool-weather biking
Sleepwear (sweatsuit, etc.)
Extra boots or sneakers
Rain gear (cheap poncho OK)

Optional Items

Backpack or bellybag
Drinking-Water Bottle
Bug Spray
An in-car Activity (approved by your driver)